Photos from FGC 2014

Judy Ballinger with FQA exhibit
Judy Ballinger puts up FQA tri-fold at FGC
Musical Meditation
Musical Meditation opens FQA reception at FGC © Seitz
Reception at FGC Reception for FGC art workshops FQA gallery © Seitz
FQA Gallery
FQA Gallery at FGC Reception
FQA Gallery at FGC Francis Elling, Zan Lombardo and Gene Hall (on monitor) art © Seitz
FQA Gallery at FGC Blair Seitz and Francis Elling (right) art © Seitz
Art discussion
FQA member Zan Lombardo speaks at FGC art duscussion © Seitz
FGC-FQA discussion of possible Quaker testimony of Beauty

"Letting our lives speak through the arts"

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