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 How You Can Help...

Here are some of the needs we see. Other ideas and suggestions are welcome—especially when they come with an offer to help and/or ideas about funding! If you see something that interests you, contact FQA Clerk Maria Cattell ([email protected]).

We need your ideas and energy: JOIN US!

Membership is the main source of funding for our journal, Types & Shadows, our directory and website, and operating expenses. You needn’t be formally a Quaker to be a member of FQA, and art appreciators and supporters are as welcome as artists. You can print off the membership form on this site.

Come to our arts conferences.

See information on the home page about the upcoming conference.

Contribute to our journal, Types & Shadows.

Poems & short literary works
An article about yourself as a Quaker artist: your art; your art as ministry, spiritual discipline, prophetic witness or ???; how it resonates (or doesn’t) with being a Quaker.
Interviews with other Quaker artists
Information about Quaker arts groups and events
Graphics: drawings & photos
Your ideas – please contact T&S editor Elke Muller: [email protected]
Help with the FQA web site.

It needs updating but we need someone with special skills for that. Can you help?

Consider serving on the Board.

Our bylaws call for a board of 8 to 12 persons. Usually we have only 6 or 7. Room for more! We meet face-to-face four times a year, often at the home of board member Carol Sexton at Pendle Hill. In between, we do business by email. Let us know your interest.

Help build our base of support.

Organize local or regional Quaker arts groups and events; we will be glad to help.
Urge others to join FQA—artists and anyone interested in supporting the arts among Friends.
Ask your meeting or local arts group to take out a group membership or to include FQA on the list of Quaker organizations it contributes to.
Become a Local, Regional or Yearly Meeting FQA Representative.

Are you willing to lift up FQA in your area and send us news of Quaker artists’ doings?

Help with fundraising ideas and efforts.

Special projects—such as art shows, grants to individual artists, special publications—require special funding. Fundraising ideas and efforts (and donations) are welcome!

"Letting our lives speak through the arts"

Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts (FQA)
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