Saturday Brunch Waffles

[from Anne]


Friends: The folowing recipe is taped inside the door of the baking cupboard where most of the baking ingredients in our house are stored. We enjoy variations of this recipe at our house often. I remember well a sunny May morning when we served these as the main feature of a birthday brunch with lots of fresh fruit and jams to top the waffles. The gift we gave our good friend/sister that day was a waffle iron!

A word on a cookbook. I like the idea. In the past 3 or 4 years I have been trying to remember whenever I make something for which I use a recipe, to enter that recipe into my computer in a folder of recipes I keep. In past years when we went off to our family's summer cottage, I would go with a large handful of recipe books so that I could be prepared to take my share of the cooking for the group. Now I just take my laptop. I am regularly entering our FLGC recipes into that folder. The wesite will be great if I travel without my own computer!

I also have a program called Cooking Light which is the kind of prgram Nancy described. I have been trying to think what might be the easiest way to create an e-recipe book. I have even thought of negotiating with Cooking Light or some other recipe book program to have our recipes in their format available for sale at a slightly lower price than the program itself.

Those are just some ideas! Here is my recipe:

Anne's Saturday Brunch Waffles (or pancakes)
Enough for 5 or 6 people for a Saturday and again during the week.

Cook 1 cup of Old Fashioned Oats (or an/other whole grain/s) in 2 cups of water with 2 tsp salt and let cool.

Pre-heat waffle iron.

Mash 3 or 4 over-ripe bananas (black skin, very soft fruit)* in large mixing bowl. Keep beaters going slowly as you add: 5 eggs 2 cup vegetable oil (1/4 cup for pancakes) 2 cups Bisquick or other prepared pancake mix (or 2 cups unbleached all purpose flour, 2 tsp salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 2 tablespoons oil) 2 teaspoons baking powder 2 cups of whole grain pancake mix (from health food store) or 2 cups whole grain flour (could be part ground nuts - almonds, pecans or hazelnuts), 2 tsp salt, 1 more teaspoon baking powder Approximately 2 2 cups of liquid (milk, water, soy milk, apple juice, etc.) Blend in the cooked oats or other grain May add fresh berries or finely diced apples

Spray top and bottom of heated iron with cooking oil spray, pour about 1 2 ladels of mix and spread over the iron. If desired sprinkle with finely chopped nuts, (may sprinkle fruits rather than adding to the mix) and bake waffles.

*may substitute lots of things for banana. Examples are: 1 1/2 cups applesauce, pumpkin pulp, pureed squash and appropriate spices or 2 small containers of yoghurt (flavor of your choice) or a can of undiluted tomato soup and 1 2 tsp cinnamon and 3/4 tsp. ea. ginger & nutmeg & approx. 2 cup raisins to the mix

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