Spaghetti Sauce by John's Mom

[from John] We heard 3 groups of Canada geese honking and flying south in the wee hours this morning. The garden is heavy with basil and tomatoes ready for me to spend a day in the kitchen putting up the harvest. A few years ago I was visiting my Mom in a nursing home. It was difficult for her to remember recent history (the past 10 years) so we talked about her early life on the farm where I grew up. I also asked her to tell me recipes from her cooking- nothing fancy, good basic Italian. I've just gotten word that she is losing her capacity to recognize people. So this harvest I'll be putting food by thinking of how I last saw her in August, riding on the back of a little tractor with my father driving her home for a nap. Here's her spaghetti sauce recipe. Hope you enjoy it. love J Spaghetti Sauce by Calvi -Cover the bottom of a stock pot with olive oil and bring to a simmer. -Peel and slice 3 large garlic cloves and add to simmering oil -Add a small handful of raisins -Peel and seed and chop 10 large tomatoes, add to stock pot -Add a large handful of fresh basil chopped -Add a large sprinkle of oregano and simmer 2-4 hours -Salt and pepper to taste -Maybe add wine, orange peel, cloves, sauté onion, parsley
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