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Who are We in Friends Energy Project?

What is Friends Energy Project?

The mission of Friends Energy Project is to keep Friends informed of developments in energy policy, problems and solutions for climate change, and necessary action, including methods for changing individual and social behavior. FEP acknowledges information isn’t sufficient; we need the tools to change ourselves and society. Our understanding of the issues and what we need to do to influence society is always changing—please join us by contributing your understanding.

No Friend represents all Friends. The ideas expressed are those of the authors.  

It has been from the start our wish that this website will be used to post thoughtful contributions from the wider Friends community on energy and the environment.

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About Us

Friends Energy Project was initiated by Karen Street and Peter Trier, both long-time Quakers and members of Berkeley Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, Pacific Yearly Meeting (unprogrammed). Together they worked closely with others in Berkeley Monthly Meeting, in Pacific Yearly Meeting, and throughout the United States on energy and environmental concerns from 1995 until Peter’s health failed. Peter died in 2005, and Karen continues this effort in his memory.

Peter had a long-term interest in ethics. His PhD thesis, in philosophy, The Ethics of Individualism, focused on why individuals make ethical choices.  

Karen taught high school physics and math, then lost hearing in 1994. She describes how she became interested energy and the environment in A Friend's Path to Nuclear Power.

Invitation to Our Readers

Friends Energy Project has a role to play as Friends grapple with questions on all these topics. If you want to write on any of these topics, contact Karen Street.