Policy on Fundraising in the Manner of Friends
(As approved by the FCWPP Steering Committee on September 21, 2007)

ďA life centered in God will be characterized by integrity, sincerity, and
simplicity.Ē (Faith & Practice, North Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious
Society of Friends, 2nd Ed., p.27) The Friends Committee on Washington Public
Policy seeks to apply these same criteria to its fundraising work.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards in fundraising. These include
honesty in solicitation, presenting the heart of the organization to the donor,
seeking to understand the interests and beliefs of the donor, respecting the
donor as an individual capable and entitled to personal choice in the use of
their resources, and appreciating the opportunity to partner with donors in
doing Godís work.

We believe that fundraising solicitation is not about a hard sell, but about
understanding the intersection between the organizationís mission and work and
the mission and aspirations of the donor, and finding the place where we walk
forward to change the world together.

Donor records (names, dates, and amounts) are available only to individuals
directly involved in solicitation and processing of donations. This includes
the members of the Fundraising Committee and the Treasurer, and may include
other members of the Steering Committee in connection with specific fundraising

Anyone with access to donor records is to keep the information confidential,
and use it only for the purposes of FCWPP, as approved by a relevant committee.

Currently we do not publicly publish the names of our donors; should it ever
seem appropriate to do so, provision will be made for donors to remain
anonymous or opt out.

Exceptions to this policy require advance approval by the Steering Committee,
or by both the Fundraising Committee and the Executive Committee.

Final 9/24/07
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