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Friends Committee on
Washington Public Policy

A Quaker Organization

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Quaker Links

  The Religious Organizing Against the Death Penalty
  Friends committee on National legislation
  Friends for Gay & Lesbian Concerns
  American Friends Service Committee

Other Useful State Political Links

  Open Secrets - Sources of Campaign Contributions
  Washington Public Campaigns - Public funding of election campaigns
  TVW  Washington State's Public Affairs Network
  Washington State Department of Revenue
  Access Washington - State, Federal & local inks  
  King County Web Site
  City of Seattle Web Site
  League of Women Voters of Washington
  Washington Association of Churches - WAC
  Church Council of Greater Seattle
  Washington Citizen Action
  Real Change - Homeless People's Newspaper on-line
  ACORN  Assoc. of Community Organizations for Reform Now
  WaCPR Washington Citizens for Proportional Representation
  Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation
  Seattle Independent Media Center
  Ground Zero Center
  Washington Voter
  The Bainbridge Voter
  Equal Rights Washington