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SPRING, 1998: Volume 3 Issue 1

Highlights of Coordinating Council Meeting

From February 20th to 22nd, the FPTP Coordinating Council (CC) met in San Antonio for its semi-annual meeting . Seven CC members representing six Yearly Meetings attended, and there was one observer from Peace Brigades International (PBI).

We discussed partnering with Peace Brigades International, Balkan Peace Teams and Peaceworkers. Since becoming partners with these groups (a relationship we already have with Christian Peacemaker Teams) involves sending FPTP volunteers to their programs, we decided we needed more information about the infrastructure to accept, orient and support volunteers to the latter two organizations. We entered into partnership with Peace Brigades International. A CC member is planning to represent FPTP at PBI's upcoming National Gathering in late April.

We planned to continue to recruit FPTP volunteers for work with Christian Peacemaker Teams, and our liaison to CPT, Suzanne O'Hatnick, will attend their Steering Committee in March. We have made strides toward meeting some of the goals we set for ourselves in June, 1997. Mary Lord, Elise Boulding and Rosa Packard have all offered programs on making Monthly Meetings into peace resource centers. To facilitate contact within the CC, we have begun meeting twice yearly. Our partnerships with CPT and PBI will allow us to have our own project and volunteers, although we have not managed to recruit any so far. We revised our plans for orientation of new CC members and outreach to other Yearly Meetings. We recognized that we were not yet ready to have a centralized list of people to respond to crises, but that some Yearly Meeting representatives have begun to make lists of names of their own YM members.

We plan to launch the Elise Boulding Fund for Peace Team Work within the next month, which will provide funding to assist volunteers to our partner groups. $1,500 from FPTP general funds will be designated as seed money for the Fund.

We have projected raising $1,000 from individual donations, $3,500 from Monthly Meetings, and $3,000 from Yearly Meetings in 1998. Our carry-over from 1997 was $5167. Our expenses are expected to run $6,195 for office-related expenses, including administrative support; printing of Peace Teams News and other materials; postage; supplies; telephone and e-mail; and advertising. The CC travel fund which assists CC members to attend meetings is $750. We expect to spend $3,000 in 1998 to assist FPTP volunteers to CPT and PBI (in addition to the money we have designated for the Boulding Fund.) We hope that support for FPTP will be added to the budgets of the Yearly and Monthly Meetings that have united with our Mission Statement, and ask that members of these meetings request this support. A minute was adopted approving an exploration of sending a delegation to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and/or Burundi for the purpose of exploring a long-term peace team project with African Friends and Africans of other denominations to adapt and disseminate Friends-based peacemaking activities from Alternatives to Violence, Children's Creative Response to Conflict, Help Increase the Peace, Listening Projects, and other forms of nonviolence training. David Zarembka has been assigned the task of developing this exploration. Communications on this endeavor should be addressed to:

David Zarembka
17734 Larchmont Terrace
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
E-mail: davidzarembka@juno.com
Tel and Fax: 301 208-1862

In the afternoon before their departure, six CC members joined members of Friends Meeting of San Antonio and several hundred other people at a prayer vigil and march protesting the imminent bombing of Iraq.