More 2004 Photos

Vanessa talks with her former teacher from Westtown, Anne Wood, following her presentation to Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) Annual Sessions on her experience at Friends World Committee for Consultation's 21st Triennial in New Zealand.  
March 25, 2004.
Vanessa listens to a PYM member who has come to her table during the sessions "Seek and Find" period during which she shared information about her ministerial work.  March 27, 2004.
Vanessa met with anti-racist faith leaders at Seattle University (SU) during her visit with Seattle Friends. May 11, 2004.
Members of University Friends Meeting participate in and exercise during the workshop that Vanessa facilitated for University Friends Meeting.  
May 15, 2004
Marvin Barnes reads a book to Young Friends during the Story Telling hour in the Center for People of Color during the Friends General Conference Gathering.  July 6, 2004.
LaVerne Shelton, Jada Jackson, Marvin Barnes, Jean Marie Prestwidge Barch and Francine Cheeks.  African American Friends who attended a special meeting  in the Friends of Color Center.  July 7, 2004.
Donna McDaniel, Neil Froemming and Vanessa prior to their keynote presentation for Baltimore Yearly Meeting (BYM). Neil is a member of the BYM committee that invited them to give a presentation based on their  research findings.  
July 26, 2004.

Participants in the interest group that Donna and Vanessa co-facilitated about "Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship" during Baltimore Yearly Meeting.  
July 28, 2004.
Marilyn Gilmore, Jean Marie Prestwidge Barch and Vanessa at Baltimore Yearly Meeting.  August 1, 2004
Donna and Vanessa giving keynote address at New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM).  
August 7, 2004.
Friends of Color who shared a meal and conversation with Vanessa during NEYM.  August 8, 2004.
Participants in workshop that Donna and Vanessa co-facilitated at New England Yearly Meeting.
August 10, 2004.