Photographs from 2004 Events
Lunch with Friends following meeting for worship with Mt. Eden Monthly Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand.
January 11, 2004

Vanessa's worship sharing group that met daily during the Friends World Committee for Consultation's (FWCC)  21st Triennial.  
January 23, 2004

Friends World Committee for Consultation
21st Triennial at Kings College
in Auckland, New Zealand.  
January 16 - 25, 2004
Vanessa with the FWCC Delegates to the United Nations World Conference Against Racism who attended the FCC Triennial.  January 25, 2004
Vanessa gives a presentation to American Friends Service Committee joined by other staff members of Friend Center for their Annual Black History Month Luncheon.  
February 20, 2004

Vanessa gives a report to members of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting (CPMM) on Friends World Committee for Consultation's 21st Triennial in Auckland, New Zealand.  February 22, 2004

Participants in "Sharing Our Struggles: A weekend for
people of Color" led by Vanessa July at Peddle Hill.
February 27 - 29, 2004

Leroy Mahesh Thomas shares his recently published book, "Journey Into The Light With Quakers and Friends" with workshop participant Barry Scott.  February 29, 2004.
Christopher Sammond, FGC's Committee for Ministry on Racism member talks with Yoko Koike Barnes, Kitzi Watterson and Sharon Gunther, members of CPMM prior to CMR's meeting with CPMM's Ad hoc Committee on Race and Racism Sunday morning prior to worship. March 7, 2004.

Larry Thomasson, Vanessa Julye, Ernestine & Vince Buscemi, Bruce Birchard, Jean Marie Prestwidge Barch and Christopher Sammond some members of FGC's Committee for Ministry on Racism (CMR).
March 7, 2004
More 2004 Photos
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Young Friends
FFAD Gathering July 15 - 18, 2004