Support of this Ministry

Living On Gifts and Contributions -

After the closing of her work with the Green Circle program in 2001, Vanessa began living on donations in 2002. She is taking a leap of Faith and going to rely on your financial donations to maintain her work. Her balancing act finally gave way to placing a priority on the ministry which was partly necessitated by the request made by FGC to co-write the book, "Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship" for which there is no financial compensation available. Your generosity will help Vanessa work on the book and do many of the other things you see on her calendar.
You are invited to give a contribution to her ministry in two ways:

1) donating frequent flyer miles to Vanessa Julye and/or

2) making a check out to Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting with a note on the check stating that this contribution is for “Vanessa Julye's ministry” and mail the donation to:

Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting
1515 Cherry Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102-1403

All donations received through the meeting are tax deductible.

3) Vanessa has a website where she has created calendars, mugs and posters from photographs she has taken.  If you are interested in viewing these items click on this link: Cafepress.  Any items purchased from this website will support her ministry.

Minute from Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting to Travel in the Ministry

At it's Meeting For Business, held November 10, 2002, Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting approved the following minute.

Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of Friends affirms its support of our member Vanessa Julye in her call to minister with a concern for helping the Religious Society of Friends become a completely welcoming community for people of color. The overall vision of Vanessa's ministry is to help humanity remember its wholeness. Within this context, her leading is specifically to focus on the Religious Society of Friends, as this is her spiritual home. By sharing knowledge, offering healing, and raising our level of awareness, Vanessa's ministry empowers Friends to collectively translate new consciousness into new actions that will ultimately remove the barriers that exist, both historically and presently, between people. Our meeting notes her growth in clarity in this call, and strength and power in her work.

Vanessa's ministry involves a combination of visiting, writing, speaking, and traveling to provide witness and education. She also provides leadership on a number of committees and concern groups in the wider Quaker community that have grown out of her ministry. Vanessa responds to requests for visits from Friends schools, organizations, yearly, quarterly and monthly meetings. Most recently, she has responded to a request by Friends General Conference to join with Donna McDaniel of New England Yearly Meeting in writing a book documenting the history of the relationship between African-Americans and the Religious Society of Friends. Vanessa also witnesses to the Quaker faith as she attends conferences and seminars on the issue of racism, both here and abroad.

As the demand and scope of Vanessa's ministry has grown, her life circumstances have also shifted to accommodate her leading. She now spends the equivalent of full-time working hours on her ministry, and our Meeting both spiritually and financially supports her in this work.

We commend Vanessa Julye to the loving care of those to whom she may come. We ask you to learn with her about this important concern for our religious society and our world, and we ask you to examine how you may be led to support this work.

Arthur Larrabee, Clerk