Spring Friends Meeting 2019 Officers and Committees

  Elizabeth Osborne, Clerk
Dottie Hobbs, Asst. Clerk
Cindy Perry, Recording Clerk
  Grim Hobbs, Asst. Recording Clerk
  Ron Osborne, Treasurer
Dan Perry, Asst. Treasurer
Steve Phillips, Web Clerk
Lynette Russell, Newsletter Editor

Committees with Fixed Term Membership
(Chair/Convener in Bold)

Ministry and Counsel:
Kara VanHooser
Grim Hobbs, Ron Osborne,
Ellen Osborne, Steve Phillips, Angie Osborne

Trustees, Stewardship & Finance:
  Mike Dodge, Dottie Hobbs,
Dan Perry, Robert Osborne

Other Committees

  Dan Perry, Mike Dodge, Ellen Osborne

Peace and Social Concerns:
  Cameron Aydlett, Jean Vollrath. Ellen Osborne,
Grim Hobbs, Jane Engleman, Chuck Fager

Music and Worship:
Ron Osborne, Heather McIver, Ellen Osborne,
Dottie Hobbs, Marolyn McDiarmond

Building, Grounds, and Cemetery:
  Mike Dodge, Ronald Osborne, Dan Perry
Robert Osborne, Grim Hobbs