Sarasota Friends Committees
With no paid staff, the work of the Meeting is done by Committees

Peace and Social Concerns
Address a variety of peace and social justice issues, including homelessness, earth care, and farmworker justice through education and action.

Ministry and Worship
Attends to the spiritual life of the Meeting through adult religious education, concern for the Meeting for Worship and the quality of its silence and vocal ministry.  Leads the Meetings responses to members of the worship community with illnesses or other personal concerns, and arranges Memorial Meetings for Worship.

First Day School
Oversees the First Day (Sunday) School, including hiring of teachers, planning of programs and supply of materials.

Organizes provision of food, drink and cleanup after Meeting, at potlucks, and on special occasions.

Meeting House
Maintains the building and grounds and oversee their use by outside groups.

Supports the treasurer, prepares the yearly budget, manages the reserve, operating and specially designated funds (except trust funds), makes reports about finances to the Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business, and encourages Friends to offer financial contributions to the meeting, all in accordance with accepted Quaker principles.

Discerns the appropriate people to fulfill the Meeting’s responsibilities by considering individuals’ interests and matching their capabilities with the Meeting’s needs.