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All volunteers must comply with the following workcamp discipline:

1. All workcamp volunteers (except for local volunteers recruited by the workcamp
hosts) are required to live on the workcamp site (or other designated housing
site). Except for emergencies or group trips approved by staff, all volunteers
should remain on-site at all times. All trips off-site must be made as a group
with approved leaders.

2. Our primary task is to help our worksite hosts. Please be careful that all of
your speech and actions support this task. There will be many occasions when you
will be working or eating side-by-side with locals. Please refrain from comment-
ing about local politics or individuals in a way that could be the source of mis-
understandings or interpersonal conflict.

3. QWI workcamps are spiritually grounded within the Religious Society of Friends.
Since our volunteers come from many spiritual traditions, QWI workcamps are also
interfaith and ecumenical workcamps. Each morning we worship in a period of silent
meditation during which workcampers are encouraged to speak, pray, or sing out
of the silence if they are so moved. The period of meditation is ended by a hand-
shake passed around the circle, after which we conduct a community meeting. On
days when workcamp volunteers are returning home, we ask them to stand in the
center. Those staying close worship by mentioning the special gifts that those
leaving have brought to the project. These times of meditation and group
business meetings are required of all workcamp participants.

4. We have designated "Friends in Residence" and, in their absence, a Project
Director to be the leaders of the workcamp and to be the official spokespersons
to the media. Please refer all questions about local politics or the community
to such designated people.

5. Since our projects are often subject to critical public and media scrutiny,
it is important to maintain high standards of personal conduct. Foul language,
smoking in any public place, promiscuous sexual activity, staying up beyond
the announced curfew, and attitudes of hostility to local people are not
acceptable and will be the basis of terminating an individual's relationship
with the workcamp. Please do not cause staff to have to speak to you regarding
your personal conduct.

6. No use of drugs (including alcohol) will be tolerated on- or off-site while
you are serving as a workcamp volunteer.

I have read and understood this discipline and I agree to abide by it for the
duration of my involvement as a workcamp volunteer. I also understand that if
I violate this discipline I may be sent home at my own expense.

signed______________________________________ date____________________

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