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How to Help

Volunteer for a Workcamp

Volunteer for a Workcamp

Perhaps the most enjoyable way to help is to volunteer for a workcamp. Read about our Current Projects and then read How to Volunteer for a Workcamp.

Send Donations

We have to pay for:

  • insurance
  • staff salaries
  • tools
  • construction equipment
  • scholarship aid for volunteers
  • phone, fax, office equipment and supplies,
  • vehicle running and rental costs

Please give abundantly!

$25 will buy one good hammer.
$50 will provide a one third scholarship for a week.
$10 will buy a hard-hat
$5 will provide a volunteer with a t-shirt
$2 will purchase a hard-hat logo
$150 pays for a one-week scholarship

Checks should be made out to Quaker Workcamps International and sent to:

Quaker Workcamps International
1225 Geranium St., NW
Washington, DC 20012

All contributions are tax-deductible.

Please Post

Even if you can't donate time or money yourself, you may know others who can. Please help us by posting the following materials on your Meeting or church bulletin board and in other public places:

Workcamp Announcement

A Fun Project for Kids

We have created a fun project perfect for a Religious Education or Sunday school class, or anyone who wants to help QWI. It is a template for a small cardboard church that is also a collection box for donations to QWI. To open and print this "pdf" file, you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available free from Adobe for most computer platforms. This project works best if printed from a PostScript printer onto card stock.

QWI collection box (182K pdf file)

Pass Out Our Brochure

Contact the Director at the main office if you would like to order copies of our brochure to pass out or to keep in your Meeting.

Organize Your Own Workcamp

In the past we have held workshops for those interested in organizing their own workcamps, and we've assembled a workbook and other materials that may be helpful. Contact the Director at the main office if you are interested.

Positions Available

Each workcamp project has special positions to be filled including Project Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Friends in Residence, Cook, and Safety Officer. (See Who's in charge? in the Workcamp FAQ.) If you think you qualify for any of these positions, please contact the Director at the QWI main office.

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