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Friends Commitee on National Legislation

FCNL publishes three newsletters:
The Washington Newsletter is a monthly publication that provides news and analysis for a selection of domestic and international issues with a primary focus on peace, disarmament, international cooperation, and social and economic justice. The Washington Newsletter also publishes an annual congressional voting record plus a congressional directory for each new Congress.
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The Indian Report is a quarterly publication. FCNL policy emphasizes upholding treaty rights, insuring the fulfilment of the federal trust responsibility, and assuring the right of Native American comunities to self-determiniation. We seek to be guided by the views of Indian tribes, communities, and organizations across the country.
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The Legislative Action Message (LAM) provides updates and action suggestions from the Friends Committee on National Legislation for the coming week. These messages focus on selected legislation which Congress is considering now, and suggest some points that you may wish to make in your communications with Congress. Published whenever Congress is in Session.
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