Marketing List Initiative

Beginning in 2006, QUIP will offer list management of relevant institutional marketing lists, such as those for trade reviewers, Quaker schools, colleges and seminary libraries, professors in relevant academic areas, prospective grant funders, general or regional libraries, etc. Through these lists members can increase visibility of publications and services while helping to avoid duplicate efforts.

QUIP members interested in participating in this program should contact Liz Yeats at (Replace _at_ with @ in her address).

Liz will develop and e-mail an MSExcel-based protocol for list format to initial participants by August 15. Program participants will format lists to meet the protocol and return them to Liz by September 30 for de-duping and consolidation. When lists become available to all Quip members on the website, those who provided and agreed to help maintain lists will have access at no charge. Other QUIP members will have access at a per-list charge determined by QUIP. A $10 upper limit and sliding scale was suggested for initial charges.

Barbara Mays has offered to find funding to make this program possible. Please contact her at with ideas about funding sources. Please contact Liz Yeats with other questions.

Look for an update about this new QUIP service in the Fall 2005 newsletter.