These comprise books on nature and spirit from a Quaker perspective (taken broadly) and articles (mostly in Quaker publications) which you may have missed. Please suggest any that I might have missed. -E.S.

"Friendly Fire", Richard Manning, Sierra, v. 86, no. 1, Jan-Feb, 2001. "Forests need to burn, but it takes a daring person to torch his own backyard."

"Our animal kin", Gracia Fay Ellwood, Friends Bulletin, v. 71, no. 3, Apr., 2000, pp. 3-5.

"Should Friends be concerned about energy?" Karen Street, Friends Bulletin, v. 70, no. 9, Nov., 1999. Responses by two Friends are in Friends Bulletin, v. 71, no. 3, Apr., 2000, pp. 8-10.

"Friends and creation", a thematic issue of Friends Bulletin, v. 70, no. 4, May., 1999, with pieces by Floyd Schmoe, Robert Schutz, Dorothy Mack and Marshall Massey, plus a profile of Jim Corbett and publication of the PYM-CUN "next step" letter.

"An enduring green gift", Toni Brinton, and "Quakers and gardening", Diana Wells, Friends Journal, v. 40, no. 10, Oct., 1994, pp. 7-10.

"The press of my foot to the Earth", Francis D. Hole, Friends Journal, v. 40, no. 5, May., 1994, pp. 14-15.

"Trees and other mentors", Eileen Flanagan, Friends Journal, v. 39, no. 7, July., 1993, pp. 10-11.

"Unity with Nature and Quaker tradition", Lynda Goin, Friends Journal, v. 36, no. 4, Apr., 1990, pp. 10-11.

"Listen to the Power that balances the universe", Darryl Wilson Friends Bulletin, v. 58, no. 7, Apr., 1990, pp. 120-121. Stories from the Pit River Nation on MisMisa, the Power that "is never at rest. It is constantly adjusting. It is forever singing."

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