The "Light Within" in the Context of Relationship to Earth

San Diego Monthly Meeting

In man's endeavor to find relationship to God and to him/herself, the concept of the light within is enabling, in that the term is pervasive, but not tangible, and it creates a sense of spirit not touchable but present all the time.

When we say there is "that of God in everyone", perhaps we should say there is "that of God in every thing."

In Genesis the story is told that God created man and put him in the Garden of Eden, not as the owner, but as the caretaker, the steward, with responsibility to take care of nature. Nature does not "belong" to man, nor does it "belong" to God, just because He created it. The "light" with relationship to Earth means loving nature, not owning it.

When I am out in nature, I feel the light and the presence of God most of all, and it brings me into peace and serenity.

The peace of nature seems to be in the consciousness of most people. We have oneness with all of life and with nature when we have a sense of peace with all and of being a part of all life.

For me the "light within" means my inner sense of where I am in nurturing nature and having nature nurture me.

Eating is a major issue for me because it means that every minute something has to die to provide food. My life is here because I am feeding off other life.

Roses do not continue to bloom unless the rose blossoms are cut off. Everything has a purpose, including the cutting off or extinguishing of things.

We are all reorganized star dust.

The beautiful part of nature is the light of God in nature.

Enlightenment = awareness. The light within in the context of Earth means awareness of our relationship to Earth.


Los Osos Worship Group

The answer is unique to each person. It's an interconnectedness to all things everywhere.

Nature illuminates the light also; but it's always there.

The light within is really an eternal light and we often block it instead of letting it shine through us.

It's a love for others and for the environment. Quakers seek it instead of declaring the truth.

Each person follows it his own way. You express your interpretation in your own actions.

It's wisdom as shown through the eyes of people and animals.

Every living thing has it. It's something in each one that can be touched.

The light shows up the evil, so we can know what to do about it.

It's in everything, animate and inanimate - a life energy.

The light is in all living things - the intangible source of life, of compassion, and of creativity.

- compiled by Murry Lauser, 5/29/1998

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