Humboldt Friends Monthly Meeting, Arcata, CA
Quaker Dialog on Unity with Nature and the meaning of the "Light within"

Some quotations and paraphrased statements from the dialog follow:

Environmental justice involves justice amongst people and, more radically, a concept of unity amongst all living creatures.

Just as we once did not see that of God in a black person, will we one day be astounded that we did not recognize that of God in everything?

Seeing the light within other people, or within all things, affects us in a positive way. Our continuation as a species depends on a positive attitude towards others and the environment

"This really represents a fundamental change! ! It seems we must find a balance."

"I recognize that of God within all, but I still do prioritize human well-being over, i.e., a mosquito carrying malaria"

The light within is something that opens you to a greater understanding of the universe. The universe is not silent "The voice of the Universe."

"The light helps you see and the silence helps you hear the universe."

There is wisdom in looking first at the idea of the light within - it makes things not so overwhelming - maybe! ! Dialog (mediation) between people is important to gain wisdom for action.

One can honor the light within all things without isolating oneself to protect the environment. In the predator/prey relationship the predator honors, but still consumes, the prey. Forestry and meat-eating can be done in honorable, respectful and responsible ways. Don't feel guilt, find a balance.

We're not equal or better or worse, we're a part. There is danger in creating a hierarchy. We're part of a web - interconnected.

We don't feel this on a deep level because we didn't experience the idea throughout our lives, in childhood.

If we live in meaningful ways, we may be able to survive for a long time, but we must find a balance.

recorded by Martha Hunkins, Nov. 9, 1997

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