Pacific Yearly Meeting Committee on Unity with Nature

- Electronic Communications -

The "quakernature" web site was started in Sept, 2000. There are typically 10 visits per week to "quakernature", most often by means of a link posted on <>. New material should be posted at least quarterly to best serve its purpose.


Since Oct, 1999, PYM-CUN has had an e-mail distribution list also named 'QuakerNature'. We hope that this list will provide opportunities for communication and collective authorship during the gaps between times when we can physically meet.

Membership in the 'QuakerNature' list is presently about 60.

Only list members are able to post messages. We want to include:

PYM Ministry & Oversight Committee
Friends Committee on Unity with Nature
New England Yearly Meeting Friends in Unity with Nature
EarthLight magazine (a publication stemming from PYM-CUN)

Content of communications on 'QuakerNature' is expected to comprise:


To subscribe the account you are sending the message from to QuakerNature, send the following in the body of an email message to

subscribe QuakerNature

If you wish to subscribe another address instead, use the command:

subscribe QuakerNature other-address@your_site.your_net

(Subject heading lines are ignored.)

-E.S., May 16, 2001

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