Pacific Yearly Meeting - Committee on Unity with Nature

Meeting of 5/6/01 - AGENDA

Sola House, 312 E. Sola St, Santa Barbara.

relationship with FCUN
relationship with EarthLight Magazine
electronic communication
interest groups: energy, sustainability, Quaker readings, ...
early morning worship
table at "fair" concurrent with dance
Young Friends and JYM
Quaker mysticism
Intern Jennifer Caron to go to Tar Creek Superfund site, Oklahoma fundraising
support and follow-up of interns
sustainability audits for Meetings - Bob Schutz ** & Stina Perry
positive energy steps for individuals - Karen Street

** Bob Schutz died at Friends House in Santa Rosa the day before this committee meeting.

Meeting of 1/21/01 - Palo Alto Friends Meetinghouse

Clerk's note: We accomplished much in 4 hours. But we did not take up many issues, such as energy conservation.

Convene in silence after lunch

Introductions; brief reports on activities (see attenders list, below)

1. Testimony for inclusion in new book of 'Faith & Practice'

2. Service projects for Young Friends

3. Request for sustainability assessment to be done by Meetings

4. Report on EarthLight Magazine

5. Business to bring to Representative Committee in March

6. Adult Education curriculum development

7. Interest groups to sponsor at 2001 PYM in August

8. Pre-PYM campout, other outings

9. Business from the floor

7. Set date of next meeting + Meet in Visalia the day after Rep Committee, March 3-4 (postponed)

Close in silence

Meeting of 1/21/01 - remaining old business from 3/00 and 8/00

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