Stewardship of the Environment

The PYM-CUN founding minute (PYM-MIN 85-17)

The care and preservation of the environment, which sustains all life (including all future generations of plants, animals and humankind), is a religious concern. Life is threatened by destruction of the carrying capacity of the earth, by destruction of the gene pool, by destruction of the oxygen factories as well as by the possibility of nuclear holocaust. Thus, we are called upon to fulfill God's covenant with all creation. (Genesis 9:8-17.) We, the Pacific Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, intend to pursue our leading on this question, of which Marshall Massey has so forcefully reminded us. We say to him as we say to ourselves, "Go forth into the world, lecturing, teaching, writing, publishing, and walking humbly with God." ...

... We further recommend that this committee consider as part of its and Marshall's charge the recording of a Testimony to which all can subscribe, development of a Handbook on environmental crises as these are related to organized religion, the gathering and dissemination of information and materials on these concerns in monthly meetings of Friends and in other religious groups, and other projects as way opens.

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