Integrity is a commitment to truth requiring authenticity and veracity in following one's conscience, illuminated by the inner light. When lives are centered in the spirit beliefs and actions are congruent, and words are dependable.


Friends seek to live in harmony or unity with God's will. Seeking God's will together we expect that way will open and unity will emerge. The practice of submitting ourselves to the corporate revelation of God's truth forms the basis of friends' understanding of unity.


Friends testimony on equality is rooted in the holy expectation that there is that of God in everyone, including adversaries and people from widely different stations, life experiences, and religious persuasions. All must therefore be treated with integrity and respect.


Simplicity is the right ordering of our lives, placing God at the center. When we shed possessions, activities and behavior that distract us from that center, we can focus on what is important. Simplicity does not mean denying life's pleasures, but being open to the promptings of the spirit.


Friends oppose all war as inconsistent with God's will. Based upon love and concern for the well being of all, Friends work for reconciliation and active nonviolent resolutions of conflict.


The spirit calls friends to be connected to one another and with all creation. This connection strengthens us to minister to one another and the wider community to test individual leadings and to witness to the truth as it is revealed to us. In seeking God's will we are reaching for a good which is known through corporate searching and is greater than the group or the individuals among us.

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