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The Palestine Israel Action Group (PIAG) was formed in 2001 by a small group of committed individuals from Ann Arbor Friends Meeting in response to Israel's ongoing human rights violations: the illegal occupation of Palestinian lands; the massive and disproportionate use of force against defenseless civilian populations; the mass demolition of Palestinian homes; the confiscation of Palestinian farmlands and water resources; the denial of medical services to Palestinians stranded at checkpoints and wounded in Israeli attacks; the sadistic humiliation of Palestinian adults and elderly at checkpoints, often in front of their children; the senseless trashing of schools and hospitals; the targeting by sharpshooters of children caught or baited into throwing stones at Israeli tanks; the use of children as human shields; the illegal mass arrests and institutionalized torture -- all in the name of peace.

As Quakers, we deplore the use of violence to solve human problems; we believe such actions harm both the victims and the perpetrators. As Americans, we are complicit in Israel's violence, because our government enables the Occupation with three million dollars a day in foreign aid. As global citizens, we support international law, yet Israel's actions violate United Nations Resolution 242, which calls for the withdrawal of Israel's armed forces from territory it occupied in 1967; The Fourth Geneva Convention, which makes illegal the building of Jewish-only settlements on occupied Palestinian lands; United Nations Resolution 194 which speaks to the rights of refugees; the United Nations Committee Against Torture Report of 2001; the principles of the Nuremberg Charter and Judgment; the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights; the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights; and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, among other international conventions and agreements.

PIAG's aims are to educate the Quaker community and the wider public about the human costs of the Israel Palestine conflict, to promote dialogue about ways to achieve security with justice for all people in the region, and to actively resist Israel's Occupation through economic engagement with companies that profit from violations of Palestinian human rights.

PIAG is a subcommittee of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting. Our views do not represent Ann Arbor Friends Meeting as a whole.


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