Peachtree Friends Meeting


We welcome all to attend our weekly meeting for worship every Sunday at 10:30AM. The worship reflects the traditional silent, waiting worship typical of the early Quakers. When led to do so, anyone may speak from her/his heart, pray, sing, or read a favorite passage aloud. But we choose to spend most of our time in worship simply WAITING FOR and LISTENING TO the Divine voice within and around us!

We are an independent QuakerMeeting, and truly invite you to an affirming and welcoming place of quiet reflection, whether you are older, younger, or middle-aged; a follower of Christ or simply seeking to enhance your own spiritual path; black, white, Asian, Latino, single, married, divorced, straight, gay, etc., --- we embrace absolutely ALL to share fully with us a place of equality and acceptance in the name of our loving Creator!

3980 Florida Ave.

Peachtree Corners,(Norcross)

GA 30360

[email protected]

A Quaker Worship Center

Formerly known as

Chattahoochee Monthly Meeting -

Now Re-Organized

(678) 408-7239

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