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Peaceweb is a Quaker Web page on peace and social concerns. The publisher is the Ottawa Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, and the committee responsible for Peaceweb is the Meeting's Peace and Social Concerns Committee. Peaceweb is produced entirely by volunteers. The Co-ordinator of Peaceweb is Carl Stieren, an Ottawa technical writer who is a member of Ottawa Monthly Meeting and a former co-ordinator of Canadian Friends Service Committee.

Peaceweb was launched on April 17, 1995, when Friends and supporters gathered at CyberPerk Cafe in Ottawa's Byward Market and 11-year-old Alexander Way made the first mouse click on Peaceweb. Since then, Peaceweb has published issues on peace, international development, Quakers and the United Nations, children and peace, economics and justice, Canada and/et Quebec, and Movies with a Conscience.

Friends and supporters from all across Canada, the United States, and the world have sent greetings, requests for information, and announcements to Peaceweb since it began. Peaceweb made a presentation at the "Friends and their Media of Communication" conference at the Quaker Hill Conference Center in Richmond, Indiana, USA, in May, 1996, and Carl Stieren led a workshop on "Quaker Publishing on the Internet" at the 1996 Gathering of Friends General Conference in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, in July, 1996.

For the issue "Canada and/et Quebec", a record 23 Friends contributed articles. The page, "Movies with a Conscience" grew out of a discussion on movies about peace on the Quaker e-mail mailing list QUAKER-L , in which Friends suggested nearly three dozen films relating to peace. (Peaceweb expanded this list to more than 55 films under the categories of Anti-War, Nonviolence, and Peace and War, and added more than six other categories of social concerns.)

As a committee of the Ottawa Monthly Meeting (local Quaker congregation), the Peace and Social Concerns Committee is made up of eight members and attenders of the meeting. The Clerk is Peggy Land. Of the committee's $600CAN budget, Peaceweb receives $200 CAN, and the remaining $150 CAN in expenses and remaining fees to its Internet Service Provider are made up by separate contributions.

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