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Kosova / Kosovo: Friends Respond

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The Nonviolent Movement in [email protected] and Yugoslavia, by David Hartsough

Save Kosovo by demilitarizing it, by David Hartsough, Director of Peaceworkers

Quakers protesting war arrested at White House

Rally against the war draws 2,500 to Ottawa

MP Svend Robinson travels to Belgrad and Pristina

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Three Ottawa Friends carry signs on Parliament Hill
at an interfaith vigil against the war, April 2, 1999.
Photo: Margaret Jensen, Peace and Environment News.

Responses to the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO and the expulsion of Kosovars by Yugoslavia

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A silent vigil is a traditional Quaker witness to injustice and human tragedy.

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    *AFSC is the American Friends Service Committee
  **CFSC is the Canadian Friends Service Committee
***FCNL is the Friends Committee on National Legislation (USA)

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