Pendle Hill Pamphlet 124, 1951
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A.J. Muste

A. J. Muste devoted his life to the causes that stem from a religious faith - peace action, racial equality, political and economic justice. When he spoke at Philadelphia Yearly Meeting on "Springs of Religious Living in Our Age," Friends knew that he was speaking of the religious faith that has sustained a lifetime of action. The present pamphlet contains the essence of that speech.

The introductory sections of this essay review early Christianity, the beginnings of a religious community, "the community of love", in the days of Paul and the early Roman Empire. What made this community of believers quite different from their contemporaries was a vision, a movement toward a prophetic goal. The 'saints' of the age of Paul were not 'saintly' in the usual sense, but were outspoken prophets of experimentation.

From this historical reading of the first Christians, A.J. Muste goes on to consider how we can carry forward, in the twentieth century, the Christian experiment in a fellowship of love which is the Society of Friends. "We belong to the Society of Friends, a community of love, a family of persons. Insofar as we are not just another 'denomination,' we know also that the salvation of our age is in our keeping. This is the unity which alone can make one world out of 'one world,' and not one nightmare, one hell, one burned-out cinder. We know also and in a way we respond to the fact that we have a mission, we are 'called to be saints.'"