Pendle Hill Pamphlet 52, 1950
Search: A Personal Journey through Chaos BookedPDF
Ruth Domino

"Search, a Personal Journey through Chaos, is a narrative of first hand experience rehearsing with exquisite discernment memories of temporal events connected by a single thread of eternal validity." (Anna Brinton.)

This pamphlet is a personal account of a life of searching, of a life in Europe during the World Wars where Quakers are encountered throughout Ruth Domino's journey: " there were the Friends emerging again in apocalyptic space, pilgrims of compassion from nowhere."

Throughout this small pamphlet Ruth Domino reflects deeply on her experiences with Christianity in Germany, and her flight from the Nazis. "Sometimes words of adoration and search fall into the silence as pebbles might drop into a pond. They stir the mind that goes on seeking, trying to form a meaning so often lost in troubles. This meaning rises and falls with the tide of memories, inconsistencies, bruises, blanks and yearnings. It is the texture from which prayers are made and through which sometimes the short sharp knock of recognition can be heard."