Pendle Hill Pamphlet 46, 1949
The Faith of an Ex-Agnostic BookedPDF
Carol R. Murphy

Carol Murphy's essay is a reflection on her journey from agnosticism to faith. Her philosopy "is not so much the record as the result and rationalization of an inward change which touched depths of the personality unplumbed by conscious reasoning. Such a change often emerges upon some trivial occasion; and one is as much at a loss to explain why one seeks and loves the Supreme Value now, as why one never sought or fully loved before."

In this small pamphlet you will find those deep reflections given voice with observations like: "The truer view of mankind will be one in which mercy and truth are met together; a view expressed in terms of growth as well as present condition, potentiality as well as actuality. We must look on ourselves with both hope and humility." She asks fundamental questions on her spiritual journey: "What is the meaning of meaning itself?"; "Can we think our way out, or fight our way out, or perhaps pray our way out?"

This essay is packed both with questions, and with conclusions like: "We must conclude that the self both has and is its experiences. The thinker is more than the sum of his thoughts." Enjoy this deep and illuminating report of one person's spiritual quest.