Pendle Hill Pamphlet 42, 1948
The Discipline of Prayer BookedPDF
Frederick J. Tritton

"Prayer may be defined as the expression of a basic and persistent impulse of man's nature to reach out towards that which is greater than itself; the effort to enter into relation with a Reality of which it is only vaguely aware and which it longs to know more fully, and which later it recognizes as the cause of its outreaching."

Frederick Tritton explores prayer, meditation and contemplation as practices which have led him to a greater spirituality, and he suggests that we also could benefit from a disciplined practice.

"... The remarkable and significant thing about Quakerism is the association of the most deeply mystical prayer with the most active preaching of the gospel and concern for its practical application. ... Our worship has been meditation rather than contemplation, and so we have not been ardent publishers of truth. ... This generation will find its inspiration, not in the records of the past but in a fresh discovery of God through the practice of the Prayer of the Presence."