Peace and Social Concerns Committee materials
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Minutes of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee's meetings (November 2005 to present)

Notes by Susan Conger, on how to oversee the letter-writing efforts made on Second Sundays.

Contact information for members of Congress - address, phone, fax, website contact form.

Note on Oversight of the "Other Organizations" part of MtToby's budget

Notes by Susan Conger, from an 11:40 Hour 9/23/12 in which Friends commented on the work of the committee.

The committee runs a listserv.

Peace and Social Concerns Library, on the shelf below the Committee's bulletin board. Contributions to this library are invited - buy a DVD or book, read it, then give it to this library for others to use. Here is an index and brief description of the current contents of the library.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee Annual Reports ending at:


The process, initiated in 11/07, for communicating about organizations in the "Friends Concerns" section of Mount Toby's budget, is here. The July 2008 report on the first year's experience with this process is here.