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An Encounter with Silent Worship

Silence, as a form of shared worship, that is, beyond individual centred awareness for prayer, confession, and personal meditation - which is indeed devotion but not worship - I first encountered with Quakers at an East/West dialogue on peace held in Brussels.

From then on, in a crescendo of historical research and direct experiences within the Society of Friends, and observing the myriad socio-religious activities that Friends carry on in various parts of the world, with results appreciable from all points of view, my association with quaker Silence has become a constant one.

My long-standing custom of solitary meditation, for edification, prayer, or out of the need to prepare an evangelical message for a forthcoming Protestant church service, has been translated during these recent years, due to lack of continuity in Quaker Meetings in Italy, into the desire to communicate with others, in writing, the fruits of a meditation that is not preaching: it is rather an elaboration of thoughts growing out of silent worship.

Thus has been born this brief collection of meditations focused on silence.

English text by Simon Grant, based on the translation by George T. Peck
[Original Italian by Davide Melodia]

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