thoughts on Israel

I have played go, and studied Tai-Chi and ju-jitsu. All of these activities have the concept of using the opponent's strength against them. Certainly that is what the criminals have done to us. Since it seems clear that they are Islamic, and they derive their strength from Islam, we should use Islamic law against them.

Islam being a peaceful religion, Islamic law clearly prohibits attacks against civilians. Purportedly, all American citizens are targetted because the American government supports Israel. This makes, in their eyes, all Americans into combatants, because we live here and we pay taxes here.

What if we were, however, to cease any and all official support of Israel? By this I do not mean that Americans should not support Israel. I mean that the American government should stop supporting Israel. Let those Americans who support Israel speak with their pocketbooks instead of their votes.

The effect of this would be to make the American people a mix of (again, in the terrorist's eye) of civilians and combantants. No use of terrorism would be justifiable, even by a perverted interpretation of Islamic law. This seems too good to be true, doesn't it? Wouldn't it be nice if we could wave a magic wand and make terrorism go away?

Terrorists are zealots. Zealots have two attributes: first is that no cause is more important than their cause, and second is that there is no compromise possible with zealots. I am not proposing compromise. Islamic terrorists are Islamic first, and terrorists second. If we can make their terrorism secondary to their Islamism, then we make their terrorism impossible. It's no magic wand.

Russell Nelson
Last modified: Tue Oct 9 11:32:05 EDT 2001