We live in a "network society" ( Manuel Castells).

Movements, linkages, and flows reshape and undermine the integrity and coherence of spatial entities and borders. There is an old border that exists between the elites and the have-nots and the haves are situated at the divide, within complex political and cultural institutions.

Global and transnational phenomena are extremely diverse. New flows of labor, capital, culture and ideologies, new global production networks, transnational organizations, social movements, geographical interconnectedness and cultural homogenizations impinge on us in the ongoing globalization. The accelerated forms of mobility of money, people, ideas, technologies, symbols, arms, leading to new geographies, new articulations, new maps, and new aspirations-- (formation of a U.S.A Central Command of the World, when a world government doesn't even exist!)-- tend to challenge us. We recognize that the elites and the have-nots are rewarded differently by globalization.

Neo-liberal globalization has lead to the marginalization of the have-nots rather than their integration. Now both appeal to the consciousness of the haves: the elites communicate with war and proposals of more war to maintain the economic differential and the have-nots communicate with terrorism and walk-in suicide bombers, along with an appeal for the realization of their human rights and social justice on minimum needs, without borders.

This problem can only be resolved through the discipline of prayer and worship by the human spirit in its communion with the Source. It may lead to a contest in priorities with the national security counsels of the elite in capital-centers. It is more than a political / intellectual activity confined to waking state consciousness. It is a contest in human values. Its potential for success lies in the extent of the spiritual origins of the contested values and in our adherence to physical and spiritual non-violence in processing the contest.

What are we faced with in this contest as Individuals and as a Community?

This is a part of the record of accomplishment of the neo-liberal world order of capital-center elites. The elites are of course not confined to Western democracies. The problem is global and the elites have no proposed solutions other than to 'carry on' as of old. We implore God to bless the World rather than parts of it: "MAY GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD".


The spirit of God rests in each of us on either side of the divide on any issue. That spirit is to be articulated through answered prayer. We must find ways to challenge the basic assumptions of the existing neo-liberal world order and see how it can be changed to meet the minimum needs of people everywhere.


At this juncture, a non-governmental Global Truth And Reconciliation Commission (GTRC), must be set up to meet and process with the champions of the WTO, WB, IMF, and representatives of the UN to arrive at a way to deliver the minimum needs of potable water, nutrition, shelter, primary health care and primary education of 5 years duration for all the people of the world by the year 2030A.D.


Their recommendations would be presented to the UN by Dec. 2005. The UN meeting would have no veto powers on discussion of the recommendations and would be attended by local NGOs from all over the globe.


M.Radh Achuthan,

[email protected]

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