Peconic Bay Executive Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends

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Dear Friends:


Please consider this travel minute for our beloved Friend, Radh Achuthan.


His leading regarding Global Truth and Reconciliation calls for Friends' attention and embrace everywhere.


Peconic Bay Meeting approved a statement 3/17/02 that was then endorsed 7/13/02 by the Long Island Quarterly Meeting for Radh, regarding a need to adhere to, "physical and spiritual non-violence" in efforts to resolve global inequities. He envisions a non-governmental Global Truth and Reconciliation Commission as one approach to consider.


We have released him under the weight of this concern. He asks that we pray together that, "God bless the world rather than parts of it"--that we carry the message of inclusion, not exclusion, in our hearts and in our actions.


We seek with this travel minute the hope that you welcome Radh, listen and possibly endorse his concern, praying that this Spirit may be stirred among you and guide his next steps in your care.

 With thanks,

 (Sd) Joanna Komoska

 Clerk, Ministry and Counsel

 Peconic Bay Executive  Meeting



New York Yearly Meeting unites with the Peconic Bay Executive Meeting's support of Radh Achuthan's leading to travel with a concern for global truth and reconciliation. We pray that all who meet and worship with Radh will listen deeply and as a corporate body, open themselves to Divine guidance regarding this concern.

                                                                     By direction of New York Yearly Meeting,




                                                                     Linda B Chidsey. 




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