Global Truth And Reconciliation Commission (GTRC), Program Overview:                                                     

M.Radh Achuthan  8/26/02


What will GTRC accomplish?


GTRC will raise global consciousness of the elite, the haves, and the have-nots via intermediaries like the local global press and local global NGOs, on


  1. the ability of the human socio-economic system to meet the minimum needs of all the people in the world through sharing and caring as an expression of our love and concern, and
  2. display a feasible program of practicalization of the same by nations, through spiritual / political / administrative will, after having negotiated the same with champions of the WTO, WB, IMF, and representatives of the UN.


Through these steps, it is the intent of GTRC, to have addressed sufficiently the conflict in sharing that people and nations experience, as to generate by 12/2005, a 'Bargained Transaction in Truth and Reconciliation' on economic matters in global consciousness, and an enabling program other than welfare, to deliver to all people their minimum needs through their own efforts, that not even the UN has attempted to achieve so far, resulting in a global humane society.


If such an agreement is not arrived at, GTRC will see if the haves through the intervening raised consciousness, take the opportunity to direct their governments to these ends in the elections of 2006 in the different democratic nations of the world.


If that too does not materialize, commencing in the year 2007, the global population that supports GTRC will embark on a global satyagraha via non-violent, non-cooperation with the ongoing neo-liberal economic system that keeps people poor, to realize an economic system that would deliver the minimum needs of all the people of the world by the year 2030.


GTRC global consciousness would have set the grounds for this action by the year 2007. All actions of GTRC will be open to the global public.


No system can function without the consent of the people!




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