The first priority of the Global Truth And Reconciliation Commission (GTRC) effort, is to call upon people to stimulate their thoughts and actions toward meeting the minimum needs of all the people of the world. That is why we pray, "May GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD."

An overarching Global Truth is that almost half the global population of 6 billion people is mired in poverty and poor health. This need not be.

The global economy of today focuses on creating unnecessary wants, rather than focusing regionally and locally in meeting the basic needs of all adults and children. It operates in part, by making people want goods and services they can do without. It relies on the elite to lead the process of wasteful consumption so that others may aspire to follow, sustaining the process. The few who benefit from this life style defend it.

Were our energies not sidetracked to pursue wasteful consumption, we would opt to share and care, as an expression of our love and concern to enable the impoverished (our brothers and sisters in Mexico, India, Vietnam, Africa, etc.) to meet their minimum needs. Our stand would sensitize the world's elites and haves, to restructure globalization to develop regional and local market and cooperative economies, focused on responding effectively to meeting the minimum needs of the world's 3 billion 'have-nots'.

Your support is important to this effort. Please JOIN US to bring about economic reconciliation, education, and social peace IN THIS EMERGENCY.
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