Throughout most of human history, male parentage has not been clear except through isolation and sexual control of women. In order to achieve paternal certainty, the oppression of women has deepened to the detriment of all involved, whether as victims or enforcers of patriarchal control.

The tensions which arise in the isolated nuclear family have contributed to pervasive domestic and street violence on the part of males. In the United States, 95% of prison inmates are male.

Globally, male children are being raised in such a way that male violence is endemic. Motherhood is rarely honored or fully supported. In the West, fewer women are willing to remain isolated in a nuclear family in order to raise their children.

The major portion of our global resources have been used to play the deadly games of war, rocketry, and spying, reflecting male priorities when we could be building benevolent economic support systems for all members of society.


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