These goals assume that individual women will become fully functional according to their gifts and abilities. Each will be able to clearly articulate her needs even as she meets the needs of those in her care. Her wisdom will be heard and respected. With less social anxiety both men and women will then become more flexible and open to dynamic change.

We may not need to be competitive with one another or among ourselves; rather, we may focus on how we may best care for one another. We anticipate a peaceful world.


While the goals/objectives articulated for the women's movement are to be achieved with the time frame of the 21st century as a whole, the program of action for the first five years of the new century is as follows:

Quaker women will identify specific actions to be taken, based on the above strategic objectives. Actions identified so far include:

  1. Produce and/or disseminate media materials to create a global recognition of both male and female qualities of the Divine (e.g. Quaker Video's "Great Mother Earth");
  2. Support the development of a Quaker Women's Movement web site;
  3. Work with AFSC's Nationwide Women's Program to incorporate feminist perspectives into all stages of program development;
  4. Work with the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation in promoting issues of women and religion.

What can you do to help?

Women's Goals and Programs for the 21st Century is available as a pamphlet from:

Women's Goals Program
25 Ingleton Circle, Cartmel
Kennett Square, PA 19348-2000

Please feel free to make use of the above in a way which promotes discussion and social change.

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