The Making of a Quaker Art Gallery

A report by Chuck Fager, Clerk
Fellowship of Quakers in the Arts

FQAers were very excited about the 1998 FGC Gathering of Friends in Wisconsin. Over 1700 Friends were expected to attend; and of special interest was the fact that the host campus, the University of Wisconsin at River Falls, had its own art gallery. We were thrilled when this fine, large space was promised to us, to be the home of the first major exhibit of Quaker art, at this, the largest of annual Quaker Gatherings.

Imagine our shock, then, when we arrived at River Falls in late June, cartons full of artwork in tow, only to be told that the Gallery space had been pre-empted by the school's theatre department. We and our collected art works had been evicted, made homeless, with no notice!

Worse yet, when we lobbied for an alternative exhibit site, we were shown a room that was in a shambles. It had been half torn apart for rebuilding, with ceiling tiles dangling, two walls adorned with bare metal studs, the floor covered with dirt and junk, lousy lighting, no ventilation, and the air conditioning kaput. That was all they could do; take it or leave it.

Before -- A Mess Before -- A Mess Before -- A Mess
Before - A Mess


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