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SUMMER, 2002: Volume 7, Issue 2

From the Editor by Val Liveoa

This issue is being put together at a very busy time for me as I work with members of the Exporatory Team to Colombia to raise funds for our trip and to finalize its planning. We have been blessed with generous donors who have covered the cost of the travel, 4 AVP workshops and, I expect, the follow-up material which will include a written report, parts of which will be printed in the next Peace Team News. Before I put the next issue together, I will have returned (God willing!) from both Colombia and a monthís trip to Africa where Iíll represent FPT at the Friends United Meeting Triennial in Nairobi, and then travel to Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda with its coordinator, Dave Zarembka and his wife Gladys Kamonya. So it will be a busy summer for me, and after all that traveling, I plan to attend Pendle Hill in the fall.

This issue has many references to the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) which is one of the things our African and Colombian partners have asked us to bring to them. For more information about AVP, see page 4.

Please mark you calendars and visit with our Coordinating Committee when it has its next face-to-face meeting in Nashville TN Oct. 10-13. More information on that will be in the next issue of Peace Teams News.

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