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SPRING, 2001: Volume 6, Issue 1

From the Editor

This issue’s focus is Friends’ work in peace team projects—projects not necessarily involved with Friends Peace Teams (the organization). We are always interested in finding out about work that is being done by Meetings, Friends Churches and other groups of Quakers.

You may notice some small changes with this issue. Because we now have active projects of our own, we feel clearer about our identity, vision and direction. For this reason, to make our group’s name easier to remember, and to reduce redundancy, we have begun to call ourselves Friends Peace Teams, dropping the word ‘Project’ from our name. This change marks recognition of our development as an organization with its own projects. The title of this newsletter is also changing to Peace Teams News, since we cover a number of peace teams. If you know of a project we should write about, please contact me. Finally, this issue will be called the Spring 2001 issue, not the Winter issue. It’s confusing to some, especially to the librarians in our audience, but currently we only publish 3 issues annually, a Spring, Summer and Fall issue. (Volume numbers reflect calendar years.)

Our fund-raising letter, which everyone on our mailing list in the US and Canada should have received, had modest success. We raised around $3,400 which was about 60% of what we had hoped to receive. (So it’s not too late to make a donation to our work!) We were able to get 10 people who will represent FPT to their Monthly Meetings, and to clean up our mailing list, purging undeliverable addresses. We have significant continuing needs for fund-raising and also for people to represent us at their Monthly Meetings. Please let us know if you can help.

Another way to help that may not have occurred to you is to use airline miles to obtain airline tickets for FPT travel. We send representatives to 5-7 meetings annually, plus members of our international teams must travel inside the U.S. and internationally. Some day we’d like to be able to provide travel for Yearly Meetings’ representatives to participate in our Coordinating Committee meetings as well, since not all Yearly Meetings have the funds to send their reps. So let us know if you can help in this way.

Thanks to all our donors who have helped make our work possible. Quite literally, we couldn’t do it without you!

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