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SPRING, 2001: Volume 6, Issue 1

Christian Peacemaker Teams: Delegation Plans for 2001

Middle East: May 25-June 6, July 27-August 8, and November 16-28, 2001.

The intensified violence in the Occupied Territories has local people calling for international observers. Delegates will meet with Israeli and Palestinian peace and human rights workers and then join the Hebron team in daily street patrols, accompaniment, and documentation. A November, 2000, delegation joined members of the long-term team in providing families in besieged Palestinian neighborhoods an overnight international presence in their homes. Cost is $1800 US.

Chiapas, Mexico: May 14-26, July 18-30, and November 19-December 1, 2001.

The inauguration of new Mexican president Vicente Fox resulted in the removal of some military checkpoints in the state. However, the changing political situation is fraught with uncertainties for indigenous people who fled their homes because of violence three years ago. The refugees feel that conditions are still not safe for their return, and there are indications of increased paramilitary organizing. Delegates will learn about issues of injustice underlying the conflict in this southern Mexican state, as well as meeting with villagers in displaced communities. Cost is $1000 US.

Pine Ridge, Pierre, South Dakota: Meet Sioux co-workers from CPT project in 1999. Dates are still to be determined.

CPT has sent delegation this spring to Colombia and to Vieques, Puerto Rico.

In Vieques the delegation supported groups challenging the U.S. military presence, and met with local fishers, church representatives and military spokespersons. A CPT delegation in October joined thousands of local people in witnessing against large-scale military exercises that involved NATO troops from Canada and Europe, as well as the U.S. A future delegation doing similar work may be planned for later in the year.

In Colombia, a four-person team will explore further work with the Mennonite agency Justapaz (Christian Center for Justice, peace and Nonviolent Action) and explore opportunities for a Lenten public witness through May. Further delegations and work in Colombia may be planned after the conclusion of this project.

CPT is a faith-based group that seeks participants for all delegations who are interested in human rights work, committed to nonviolence, and willing to participate in team worship and reflection. The delegation experience usually culminates in a nonviolent public witness that challenges structural violence. Delegates should have plans to share about the trip upon return to their home communities and congregations. Cost covers round-trip airfare from a designated U.S. or Canadian city, all on-ground travel, two meals a day, simple accommodations, and all honorariums and delegation fees.

For more information or to apply, contact CPT, P O Box 6508, Chicago, IL 60680-6508; tel: 312-455-1199; fax: 312 432-1213; website:; e-mail: [email protected].

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