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WINTER, 1999: Volume 4 Issue 1

Queries for Peace Team Workers
from Project: Hearts and Minds Inc.

Can your faith community or workplace or other membership groups help provide resources for your trip in such a way as they can learn from the project?

Have you made appropriate readings and studies?

If you do not speak the language, have you at least learned some courteous phrases?

Have learnings gained on prior visits been explored? Are you learning about where and when we have been invited, what cultural behaviors and courtesies may be expected?

Have you considered how you may respond to unknown challenges and to culture shock?

Have you considered how you will make individual and group reports on your return?

Have you developed an awareness of the differences in standard of living and how human needs are met in this culture?

Does your medical insurance cover you abroad? Have you arranged for your immunizations and other health protections?

Are you clear that you travel at the invitation of this larger group and can support its expectations and agreements for the duration of the trip?

Have you planned for enough rest before leaving and time to debrief on your return?

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