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FALL, 1998: Volume 3 Issue 3

FPTP Coordinating Committee To Meet in Richmond, Indiana

Representatives from twelve Yearly Meetings around the US will attend a semi-annual Friends Peace Teams Project (FPTP) Coordinating Committee meeting at Quaker Hill Retreat Center , October 30-November 1. Before and after the meeting, members of the group will be available to speak to the public about peace teams work, conflict resolution, the spiritual basis for volunteer service, and a new project being developed in Africa. You are invited to a public presentation about FPTP's work at 6:30 pm, Friday, Oct. 30 at Quaker Hill Retreat Center, 10 Quaker Hill Drive. For more information contact Val Liveoak, Co-clerk, FPTP, 210-532-8762, the FPTP office at 301-774-6855, or Susan Lee Barton Kriese at 765-966-9286.

FPTP, founded in 1993, promotes peace team work among members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). FPTP assists individual Quakers, Friends Churches, Yearly and Monthly Meetings in developing and/or supporting peace team projects and volunteers, offering:

  • Resources for Clearness, Oversight and Support Committees.
  • Resources and facilitators to discern/develop the spiritual basis of peace team work;
  • Trainers and models for developing projects in communities in conflict and supporting volunteers;
  • The Elise Boulding Fund for Peace Team Work for financial assistance to Quakers doing peace team work;
  • Peace Team News, a quarterly newsletter.

Friends Peace Teams Project is governed by a volunteer Coordinating Committee consisting of representatives of Yearly Meetings which have united with its Mission Statement. FPTP is affiliated with Friends World Committee for Consultation-Section of the Americas. Baltimore Yearly Meeting provides administrative oversight for the Friends Peace Teams Project office. Yearly Meetings uniting with the Mission Statement: Baltimore Yearly Meeting; Intermountain Yearly Meeting; Iowa Yearly Meeting, Conservative; New England Yearly Meeting; New York Yearly Meeting; Ohio Valley Yearly Meeting; Pacific Yearly Meeting; Philadelphia Yearly Meeting; South Central Yearly Meeting; Southern Appalachia Yearly Meeting and Association; Southeastern Yearly Meeting; Wilmington Yearly Meeting.