Relative Danger of Energy Sources

Nuclear Power

1. How many are expected to die from this decade's uranium mining for all nuclear power plants worldwide?
< 100          100 – 1,000           1,000 – 10,000        10,000 - 100,000       > 100,000
This was not always true. Several hundred died or will die from two decades (not per year) of uranium mining in the 1940s and 1950s, before ventilation of mines became standard. US government inaction lasted years -- mine ventilation should have begun years earlier.

[As of] 1990, 410 lung cancer deaths had occurred among the 4,100 miners in the Colorado Plateau study group [from that era]; about 75 lung cancer deaths would normally have been expected in a group of miners such as this. (DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments)

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