Relative Danger of Energy Sources


1. How many will die worldwide this decade from drilling, transporting, and refining oil?   
< 100          100 – 1,000           1,000 – 10,000        10,000 - 100,000       > 100,000
In the last decade, in addition to smaller events, several hundred died in Nigeria in 2006, and more than 500 (estimates range up to 1,500) died in 1998 in Warri, Nigeria from an oil pipe leak and fire. Six hundred died in 1994 and 1995 in two South Korean accidents. Almost 600 died in Egypt in 1994 when lightning hit a fuel depot. (See The Hazards of Using Energy.) Oil is also a tool of conflict, as in Colombia, where struggles over oil in Colombia's violent internal conflict increases the death toll and environmental destruction.

In the US, there have been a number of oil refinery accidents. Fifteen workers died, and 100 were injured, in Texas City, TX, in 2003, the largest accident among many: eighty US refinery workers died over the last decade or so.

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