Quaker Service:
Renewing Our Commitment to the Future

Here's what participants are saying about Quaker service work:

"The growth I experienced and the friendship I made are well worth any difficulties I encountered. I learned more this week than any other in my life."--Anna Morgan, Orange County Quaker youth and Clerk of the YSP Committee

"This experience has changed my perspective utterly and given new fire to old convictions. That these projects speak to the heart of Quakerism is beyond all doubt." --Holly Summers, LA Jolla youth

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Quakers in the Western United States recently started programs to provide young people of all backgrounds with opportunities to make positive changes in their lives and in their communities.
We have conducted weekend and weeklong work projects, each involving around 15-30 teenagers and adults, in Indian reservations, homeless shelters, Mexican villages, migrant camps, and an AIDS center.
   Youth and adults of all religious and ethnic backgrounds participate and are welcome at these projects.
We need your support! 

For a calendar of Quaker/AFSC Service Projects in the Western United States, click on the star on the right:

In keeping with Quaker practice, here are some questions (or queries) for you to reflect on. Please feel free to share your comments by clicking on the star on the right. If you would like to contribute an article or linkage, please inform your webhost  and it will be included in an update.

  • How do your actions reflect what you most deeply believe in?
  • How are you using  your gifts and talents to make a difference in our community and the world?
  • What has been your most meaningful service experience either with Quakers or some other group?